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Technical Talks Matrix

Each talk will consist of a 15-minute presentation followed by 5-minute for Q&A (questions via chat window).

Day 1 - May 10

Technical Session 1


Session 1.A

Session Chairs:
Jon Smereka, Mike Cole

Session 1.B

Session Chairs:
Matt Castanier, Steve Rapp

11.30 AM 1.25 A Decision-Based Mobility Model for Semi and Fully Autonomous Vehicles
PI: Vijitashwa Pandey
1.28 Robust Terrain Identification and Path Planning for Autonomous Ground Vehicles in Unstructured Environments
PI: Jeremy Bos
11.50 AM 2.12 Cognitive Modeling of Human Operator Behavior During Interaction With Autonomous Systems
PI: Tulga Ersal
1.32 Tensor data compression and dimensionality reduction for autonomous mobility
PI: Shravan Veerapaneni
12.10 PM 5.20 Dynamic Teaming of Autonomous Vehicles to Address Intelligent Adversarial Actions
PI: Bogdan Epureanu
5.14 Advances in computation of safety envelopes for autonomous systems
PI: Necmiye Ozay
12.10 PM - 12.30 PM

5.19 Adversarial Scene Generation
PI: Ram Vasudevan

5.15 Integrating Safe Learning into Supervisory Limit Protection for Autonomous Vehicular Systems
PI: Ilya Kolmanovsky, Anouck Girard

Day 2 - May 11

Technical Session 2 - Part I


Session 2.A

Session Chairs:
Victor Paul, Matt Castanier

Session 2.B

Session Chairs:
Katie Sebek, David Lamb

11.10 AM 1.35 Novel Algorithms for Multi-Agent Autonomous Telerobotic Surveillance and Reconnaissance System
PI: Manish Bansal
3.A84 Split Traction Characteristic Analytics and Digital Image Correlation (DIC) Strain Analysis
PI: Lee Moradi
11.30 AM 1.27 Mutually-Aaptive Shared Control Between Human Operators and Autonomy in Ground Vehicles
PI: Tulga Ersal
3.17 Enhanced Multiscale Off‐Road Mobility Prediction Capability with Machine Learning Constitutive Modeling for Large Deformable Granular Terrain
PI: Hiroyuki Sugiyama
11.50 AM - 12.10 PM 5.16 Resilient Teaming: Fleet organization and decision making in heterogeneous vehicle teams
PI: Kira Barton
1.29 Characterizing the Terrain Strength and Type Using Remote Sensing for Mobility
PI: Thomas Oommen

Technical Session 2 - Part II


Session 2.C

Session Chairs:
Matt Castanier, Jon Smereka

Session 2.D

Session Chairs:
Vamshi Korivi, Steve Rapp

12.20 PM 1.34 Processing Image Data from Unstructured Environments
PI: Nick Vlahopoulos
4.34 Discovery of Salt Hydrates for Thermal Energy Storage
PI: Donald Siegel
12.40 PM 5.17 Communication-Constrained Multi-Robot Coordination
PI: Ed Olson
5.18 Probability of Mobility for Mission Planning of Autonomous Ground Vehicles at “High Stress” Environments"
PI: Zissimos Mourelatos, Zhen Hu
1.00 PM - 1.20 PM Best Lightning Talk Competition Finalists 2.A72 Assessing the Quality of Driving of Off-Road Vehicles: A Set of Test Courses for the U.S. Army
PI: Paul Green