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Technical Talks Matrix

The Technical Talks allow ARC projects to report on their research goals and outcomes. Each talk will consist of a 15-minute presentation followed by 5-minute for Q&A.

2023 Day 1 - May 9

Technical Session 1


Session 1.A

Session 1.B

1:30 Project 1.36, PIs: Ghaffari, Barton
Convolutional Bayesian Kernel Inference for Real-Time 3D Semantic Mapping
Project 2.15, PI: Mihalcea
In-the-wild Question Answering: Toward Natural Human-Autonomy Interaction
1:50 Project 1.38, PI: Carruth
Automated Recognition of Distorted and Obscured Perceptual Sensor Data
Project 2.16, PI: Chai
Language Communication and Collaboration with Autonomous Vehicles Under Unexpected Situations
2:10 Project 3.17, PI: Sugiyama
Enhanced Multiscale Off‐Road Mobility Prediction Capability with Machine Learning Constitutive Modeling for Large Deformable Granular Terrain
Project 2.17, PIs: Tilbury, Robert
Estimating and Calibrating Situation Awareness for Improving Human-Robot Teaming Performance
2:30 Project 1.34, PI: Vlahopoulos
Unsupervised Clustering for Image Data
Project 1.33, PI: Wang
Trust-based Symbolic Motion and Task Planning for Multi-robot Bounding Overwatch
2:50 Project 3.21, PI: Filipov
Design of Modular Origami Structures for Multifunctional Cloaking and Protection
Project 2.12, PI: Ersal
Cognitive Modeling of Human Operator Behavior during Interaction with Autonomous Systems
3:10 - 3:30 Project 3.18, PI: Barrett
Materials Design of Polycarbonates at the Atomistic Scale with Machine Learning
Project 2.13, PI: Epureanu
Optimal Distribution of Tasks in Human-Autonomy Teams: Bayesian Online Strategy Adaptation in Open-world Novelty

2023 Day 2 - May 10

Technical Session 2


Session 2.A

Session 2.B

10:45 Project 3.20, PIs: Martin, Harwood, Sugiyama
Modeling of a Ground Vehicle Operating in Shallow Water
Project 5.19, PIs: Vasudevan, Epureanu
Adversarial Scene Generation for Virtual Validation and Testing of Off-Road Autonomous Vehicle Performance
11:05 Project 3.22, PIs: Sandu, Yerro-Colom
Application of Terramechanics to the Physics-based Modeling of Large Deformations in Undrained Saturated Clay–lugged Tire Interaction
Project 1.A81, PIs: Gorodetsky, Veerapaneni
Incremental Tensor-network Compression: With Applications to Feature Extraction for Behavioral Cloning and Inverse Problems
11:25 Project 3.19, PI: Lu
Intelligent Ultrasound to Adaptively Control Interfacial Properties and Reactions
Project 1.35, PI: Bansal
Adversarial Telerobotic Camera View-Frames Placement and Shortest Path Problems with Distributional Ambiguity
11:45 Project 4.37, PI: Naber
Risk Averse Vehicle Energy, Thermal Signature Management and Control to Enable Silent Mobility/Watch
Project 2.A92, PI: Louie
A Virtual Spectator System for a Multi-User Video Game Environment
12:05 PM Project 1.A90, PIs: Mourelatos, Hu
Efficient Data-Driven Mobility Model Construction for Mission Planning Considering Uncertainty
Project 2.14, PI: Carruth, Bethel
Evaluating Driver Performance, Situation Awareness, and Cognitive Load at Different Levels of Partial Autonomy with Dynamic Task Allocation
12:25 - 12:45 Project 1.A73, PI: Veerapaneni
Warm-starting Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm
Project 2.A72/74, PI: Green
Assessing the Quality of Driving On and Off-Road Vehicles: Measures and Statistics of Driving Performance