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2022 Annual Program Review

2022 annual review group photo


2022 annual program review keynote speakers


2022 annual program review case study - Fast and Curious: How to Predict and Push Limits of Autonomous Mobility on Deformable Terrains


2022 annual program review case study - No Time to Fail: Keeping multi-agent off-road teams on the move using a multi-scale hierarchical framework for task allocation and vehicle recharging


2022 annual review - DEI panel -  The Importance of Societal and DEI-based Research in Autonomy


2022 annual review day 1 technical talks


2022 annual review day 2 technical talks


2022 annual review poster session

2021 Annual Program Review

2021 screen captures of key speakers at annual review

2020 Annual Program Review

2020 annual program review remote presentation collage

2019 Annual Program Review

Epureanu, Sponsler, Langhout, Stephens, Gorisch

Group photo of 2019 annual review attendees

Boehman, Sponsler, Gorsich, Langhout and Epureanu cutting twenty-fifth anniversary cake