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Vladimir Vantsevich

Vladimir Vantsevich

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Vladimir V. Vantsevich joined the UAB Department of Mechanical Engineering as a Professor and the founding Director of Vehicle and Robotics Engineering Laboratory in 2012. Prior to UAB he was a Professor and the founding Director of the M.Sc. in Mechatronic Systems Engineering Program and the Laboratory of Mechatronic Systems at Lawrence Technological University, Michigan. He was also a co-founder and served as Associate Director/Director of the LTU Automotive Engineering Institute. Before Lawrence Tech, Dr. Vantsevich was a Professor and the Head of Research and Design Group on Multi-Wheel Drive Vehicles that designed and developed mechatronic and mechanical driveline systems for various purpose vehicles in Belarus. He earned his Ph.D. and Sc.D. degrees from Belarusian National Technical University.

Prof. Vantsevich’s research area is mechanical and mechatronic multi-domain systems, system modeling, design and control. Applications include conventional and unmanned multi-wheel ground vehicles, and vehicle driveline systems. He developed a research avenue - inverse ground vehicle dynamics, which is the basis of his optimization of power distribution among the drive wheels and control of vehicle mobility, energy/fuel consumption, traction and acceleration performance, and stability of motion. Prof. Vantsevich’s recent research work is on coupled and interactive dynamics of vehicle systems, agile tire dynamics, virtual drivelines for electric and hybrid vehicles, and protection of vehicle sensors from cyber-threats.