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Lee Moradi

Lee Moradi

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Lee Moradi is a professor in the School of Engineering (SoE), Department of Mechanical Engineering, at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is also the Director of Engineering & Innovative Technology Development (EITD) at UAB SoE. He has a B.S., M.S., and a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering with 39 years of experience in engineering design of complex structures and aerospace hardware. Through the EITD organization, Dr. Moradi manages multi-million dollar projects for NASA in support of their cold stowage requirements on the International Space Station. He is responsible for administrative and technical management of a multi-discipline Division of 40 engineers and technicians. Dr. Moradi has extensive industry experience in the commercial, nuclear, DoD, and space industries. Within academia, he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in engineering mechanics and systems engineering. Dr. Moradi mentors several MS and PhD students, and serves on thesis and dissertation committees of several UAB students. Many of these span across SoE Departments as well as other schools at UAB, i.e. School of Optometry.

He also collaborates with various PI’s at UAB, nationally, and with NASA and the DoE. His collaborations extend to Southern Research (SR) with regards to the U.S. Department of Energy on real-time sensor development to detect toxic metals in discharge water from coal power plants, UAB Hospital and School of Medicine for development of novel medical devices, the UAB Lakeshore Foundation for development of rehabilitations devices, Aldridge Gardens for development of enhanced methods of food sources, and other UAB schools and departments for various device development. In the area of shared Governance and the UAB Core Values, Dr. Moradi is a Faculty Senator and Liaison for SoE and serves on two senate committees, Curriculum, and Faculty Policies and Procedures. He also serves on the Culture of Safety Task Force, which is preparing a uniform policy across the UAB campus for laboratory safety requirements. In these capacities, Dr. Moradi’s reach is campus wide and promotes the UAB vision.

Research and Teaching Interests: Dynamics, Mechatronics, Mechanical Vibrations, Systems Engineering, Finite Element Methods