Ongoing Research Projects

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Thrust Area 1: Dynamics and Control of Vehicles


  • Physics-Based Multiscale Continuum-Discrete Deformable Terrain Model for Off-Road Mobility Simulation
  • Fast Numerical Algorithms for High-Fidelity Simulation of Terramechanics
  • Robust Terrain Identification and Path Planning for Autonomous Ground Vehicles in Unstructured Environments
  • Remote Sensing Based Terrain Strength Characterization for the Next Generation NATO Reference Mobility Model Development

Vehicle Mobility and Autonomy

Thrust Area 2: Human Centered Modeling and Simulation

Thrust Area 3: High Performance Structures and Materials

Thrust Area 4: Advanced and Hybrid Powertrains

Internal Combustion Engine and Fuel Studies

  • Bulk Modulus of Compressibility Measurements of Conventional and Alternative Military Fuels
  • Simulations for JP-8 Mechanism Optimization and Validation
  • Combustion Chemistry of Jet Fuels: From Atomistic Simulations to Mechanism Development
  • Thermal Barrier Coatings for Reduction of Cooling Loads in Military Vehicles
  • Ignition Studies for Kinetic Mechanism Development and Validation
  • Boundary Conditions for Predictive Combustion Simulation
  • Simulation and Control of Combustion to improve Cold Start of Military Diesel Engines

Hybrid Powertrains, Electrification, and Thermal Management

Thrust Area 5: Vehicle System Integration, Optimization, and Robustness

  • Modeling and Simulation of Repairable Systems for Depot Maintenance and Warranty Forecasting using an Effective Age Approach
  • Intelligent Reconnaissance: Combining Sensor Fusion and Cooperative Control Strategies to Enable the Unmanned Reconnaissance Missions of the Future
  • Situational Awareness and Sustained Survivability through Man/Unmanned Teaming
  • New Fatigue Reliability and Random Vibration Methods for Linear and Nonlinear Systems
  • Connected Laboratories for Connected Automated Vehicles
  • Stochastic Optimization and Analysis of Dynamic Modular Vehicle Fleet Systems
  • Parameter Synthesis and Requirement Analysis for Cyber-Physical Control System Design
  • Autonomously learning mobility limits