Our mission is to develop modeling and simulation environments for discovering and assessing critical ground vehicle technologies. We focus on problems associated with conversion and management of power and energy within vehicles, mobility and survivability of the complete vehicle system, including the human operator. The Center employs extensive experimental facilities for validation and verification. Our models and simulations are all accompanied by analytical tools to assess optimality, reliability, survivability, and mobility in harsh environments with constrained fuel supplies and over a variety of terrains.
        The Center relies on the collaboration of researchers from multiple universities and disciplines in order to bridge fundamental technology gaps. Alongside basic scientific goals, we focus on army-relevant topics and partner with industry to leverage and transfer our efforts and results.

   Event Announcement

ARC 2015 Winter Research Seminar
Next seminar is January 23th, Friday (9:30 am) - Open to public
We begin with a talk about Advanced Propulsion Needs from the U.S. Army TARDEC.
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   Research Thrusts

Dynamics and Control of Vehicles

Human Centered Modeling and Simulation

High Performance Structures and Materials

Advanced and Hybrid Powertrains

Vehicle System Integration, Optimization, and Robustness