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Poster Session

Project posters and lightning talk recordings from the annual review are all listed below. The event Networking rooms are closed and have been removed. (note: Microsoft Edge browser is not supported.)

Posters and Lightning Talks
Poster 1.25 A Decision-Based Mobility Model for Semi and Fully Autonomous Vehicles
Poster 1.27 Mutually-Adaptive Shared Control between Human Operators and Autonomy in Ground Vehicles
Poster 1.28 Robustness Evaluation of Point-Cloud Based Path Planning and Navigation
Poster 1.29 Characterizing the Terrain Strength and Type Using Remote Sensing for Mobility
Jordan Ewing is a Finalist of the Best Student Lightning Talk Competition
Poster 1.30 Multi-Objective Optimization Approach for Multi-Vehicle Path Planning Problems considering Human-Robot Interactions
Poster 1.31 Evaluating Sensitivity of Autonomous Algorithms to Sensor Error and Environmental Conditions
Poster 1.32 Tensor Data Compression and Dimensionality Reduction for Autonomous Mobility
Poster 1.33 Trust-based Symbolic Motion and Task Planning for Multi-robot Bounding Overwatch
Poster 1.34 Processing Image Data from Unstructured Environments
Poster 1.35 Novel Algorithms for Multi-Agent Autonomous Telerobotic Surveillance and Reconnaissance System
Poster 1.36 A robust semantic-aware perception system using proprioception, geometry, and semantics in unstructured and unknown environments
Poster 1.37 Ultrasound based perception using ML algorithms trained in synthetic environments
Poster 1.A73 Quantum Computing for Offroad Mobility
Poster 1.A75 Agile Modular Cyber-Physical Vehicle Platforms
Poster 1.A81 Behavior Cloning in Atari Games Using a Combined Variational Autoencoder and Predictor Model
Poster 1.A82 A Hybrid Controller with Observation and Decision Making for Autonomous Mobility Control System
Poster 1.A83 Rapid High-dimensional Semantic Segmentation With Echo State Networks
Steven Gardner is a Finalist of the Best Student Lightning Talk Competition
Poster 1.A85 Autonomous Vehicle Interactive Dynamics and Morphing with Mobility & Maneuver Self-Learning-and-Improvement
Poster 1.A89 Terrain Adaptive Autonomous Vehicles for Uncertain Off-Road Environments
Poster 2.12 Cognitive Modeling of Human Operator Behavior during Interaction with Autonomous Systems
Poster 2.13 Optimal Distribution of Tasks in Human-Autonomy Teams
Poster 2.14 Dynamic Task Allocation and Understanding of Situational Awareness Under Different Levels of Autonomy in Closed-Hatch Military Vehicles
Jessie E. Cossitt is the Winner of the Best Student Lightning Talk Competition
Poster 2.15 In-the-wild Question Answering: Toward Natural Human-Autonomy Interaction
Poster 2.16 Language Communication and Collaboration with Autonomous Vehicles Under Unexpected Situations
Poster 2.A72 Assessing the Quality of Driving of Off-Road Vehicles: A Set of Test Courses for the U.S. Army
Poster 3.17 Enhanced Multiscale Off‐Road Mobility Prediction Capability with Machine Learning Constitutive Modeling for Large Deformable Granular Terrain
Poster 3.18 Materials design of polycarbonates at the atomistic scale with machine learning
Poster 3.A84 Instant Tire Slippage Characterization with Digital Image Correlation (DIC) for Autonomous Mobility Applications
Poster 3.A86 Assessment and Virtualization of Tire-Soft Soil Interactions for Real-Time Evaluation and Control of Autonomous Vehicle Mobility
Poster 3.A88 Technical Approached and Analysis of Vehicle Conceptual Design for Mobility and Autonomous Mobility
Poster 4.34 Discovery of Salt Hydrates for Thermal Energy Storage
Poster 4.36 Learning Enabled Mission Adaptation for a Hybrid Opposed Piston Engine
Joseph Drallmeier is a Finalist of the Best Student Lightning Talk Competition
Poster 4.A76 Integrated Transient Control and Thermal Management of Autonomous Off-Road Vehicle Propulsion Systems
Poster 4.A87 Maximizing Autonomous Mobility and Energy Efficiency on-the-go through Exteroceptive and Proprioceptive Self-Learning-and-Improvement
Poster 5.14 Safe Online Planning in Unknown Environments
Poster 5.15 Autonomously Learning Mobility Limits
Poster 5.16 Robust Task Scheduling for Heterogeneous Robot Teams under Capability Uncertainty
Bo Fu is a Finalist of the Best Student Lightning Talk Competition
Poster 5.17 Communication-Constrained Multi-Robot Coordination
Poster 5.18 Probability of Mobility for Mission Planning of Autonomous Ground Vehicles at “High Stress” Environments
Poster 5.19 Adversarial Scene Generation for Virtual Validation and Testing of AV Performance
Ted Sender is a Finalist of the Best Student Lightning Talk Competition
Poster 5.20 Collaboration, cooperation and competition of independent and intelligent agents
Poster 5.A71 Virtual Prototyping Capabilities by ADAS Tools Connected with a Gaming Engine
Poster 5.A77 Energy Management of Multi-Scale Vehicles
Poster 5.A78 Virtual Prototyping & Digital Engineering for Autonomy-enabled Gorund Vehicles - System-Level Requirements Definition
Poster 5.A79 Simulation Model Repository and Integration Architecture
Poster 5.A80 Tradespace Analysis, Optimization & Decision-Making