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Poster Session

** 2022 details are left up for visitors to sample the event.**

Every ongoing ARC project contributes to the poster session at the afternoon of Day 1. It is an excellent opportunity to interact with researchers and network. The food is pretty good too!

Poster 1.29 Remote Sensing Based Terrain Strength Characterization for the Next Generation NATO Reference Mobility Model Development

Poster 1.30 Novel Data-Driven Algorithms for Autonomous Vehicle Path Planning Problems During Planning and Evaluation stages

Poster 1.31 Evaluating Sensitivity of Autonomous Algorithms to Sensor Error and Environmental Conditions

Poster 1.33 Trust-based Symbolic Task and Motion Planning for Multi- Robot Bounding Overwatch

Poster 1.35 Novel Algorithms for Autonomous Telerobotic Surveillance and Reconnaissance System

Poster 1.36 Semantic Mapping in Dynamic Off-Road Environments

Poster 1.37 Ultrasound Based Perception Using ML Algorithms Trained in Synthetic Environments

Poster 1.38 Recognizing and Reconstructing Distorted and Obscured Perceptual Sensor Data Resulting from Soiling of the Sensor

Poster 1.A73 Quantum Computing for Off-road Mobility

Poster 1.A75 Cross-View Image Translation

Poster 1.A75 DNN Based Terrain Traversability Map Estimation and Path Planning

Poster 1.A81 Tensor Network Approaches for Fast and Data Efficient Learning: Applications to Imitation Learning From Video Data

Poster 1.A82 A Hybrid Controller with Observation and Decision Making for Autonomous Mobility Control System

Poster 1.A83 Semantic Segmentation with a Multi-Reservoir Echo State Network for Off-Road Terrain Perception

Poster 1.A85 Autonomous Vehicle Interactive Dynamics and Morphing with Mobility & Maneuver Self-Learning-and-Improvement

Poster 1.A89 Terrain Adaptive Autonomous Vehicles for Uncertain Off-Road Environments

Poster 1.A90 Reliable Deep Learning for Data-Driven Mobility Prediction under Uncertainty for Off-Road Autonomous Ground Vehicles

Poster 1.A91 Physics-based Robust, Adaptive and Scalable Control Algorithms for UGVs Operating at High-Speed in Adversarial Environments

Poster 2.12 Cognitive Modeling of Human Operator Behavior during Interaction with Autonomous Systems

Poster 2.13 Optimal Distribution of Tasks in Human-Autonomy Teams: Team Design and Strategy Learning with Reduced Load

Poster 2.14 Dynamic Task Allocation and Understanding of Situation Awareness Under Different Levels of Autonomy in Closed-Hatch Military Vehicle

Poster 2.15 In-the-wild Question Answering: Toward Natural Human-Autonomy Interaction

Poster 2.16 Language Communication and Collaboration with Autonomous Vehicles Under Unexpected Situations

Poster 2.17 Effects of Shared Mental Models and Information Amount on Situation Awareness for Human-Robot Teaming

Poster 2.A72 Effect of the Commander’s Interface, Crew Size, and Task Switching on Formation Change and Mission Performance

Poster 2.A74 Development of a Standard for Driving Performance Measures and Statistics

Poster 2.A92 A Spectator System for Virtual Experimentation on Military Robot Technology

Poster 2.A94 Situational Awareness & Trust Repair in Multi-Agent Human-Automation Teams

Poster 3.17 Enhanced Multiscale Off-Road Mobility Prediction Capability with Machine Learning Constitutive Modeling for Large Deformable Granular Terrain

Poster 3.18 Materials design of polycarbonates at the atomistic scale with machine learning

Poster 3.19 Intelligent ultrasound to adaptively control interfacial properties and reactions

Poster 3.20 Modeling of a Ground Vehicle Operating in Shallow Water

Poster 3.21 Design of Modular Origami Structures for Multifunctional Cloaking and Protection

Poster 3.22 Tire–mud interaction modeled using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics and Finite Element Analysis (SPH-FEA) techniques, and experimental validation

Poster 3.A84 Imaging and Modeling of Tire Displacements

Poster 3.A88 Autonomous Vehicle Design for Vehicle Operational Properties

Poster 4.36 Learning Enabled Mission Adaptation for a Hybrid Opposed Piston Engine

Poster 4.37 Risk Averse Vehicle Signature Management and Control to Enable Silent Mobility/Watch

Poster 4.A76 Integrated Transient Control and Thermal Management of Autonomous Off-Road Vehicle Propulsion Systems

Poster 4.A87 Maximizing Autonomous Mobility and Energy Efficiency on-the-go through Exteroceptive and Proprioceptive Self-Learning-and-Improvement

Poster 5.15 Autonomously Learning Mobility Limits

Poster 5.19 Adversarial Scene Generation for Virtual Validation and Testing of Off-Road Autonomous Vehicle Performance

Poster 5.20 Dynamic Teaming of Autonomous Vehicles to Improve Operational Effectiveness of Vehicle Fleets

Poster 5.A77 Energy Management of Multi-Scale Vehicles - Disturbance Decoupling Tube-Based Distributed Control of DC Microgrids

Poster 5.A77 Disaster Rescue & Recovery Mobile Microgrid Optimization

Poster 5.A78 Computational Representation and Analysis of Mission and System Requirements

Poster 5.A79 Model Repository and Integration Framework - Developing Domain Ontologies and an Integration Ontology to Support Modeling Composition

Poster 5.A80 Exploring a Synthetic Tradespace through Decomposition and Coordination