Thrust Area 4:
Advanced and Hybrid Powertrains

Thrust Area Leader: Prof. André Boehman,
TARDEC Co-Leaders: Dr. Peter Schihl, and
                                  Dr. Denise Rizzo,

The objectives of Thrust Area 4 are to investigate new energy conversion options and propulsion system architectures, to develop models and simulations for their design and analysis, and to create methodologies for evaluating the true potential of proposed advanced technologies.

Three specific areas of study are being pursued: First, predictive, physics-based models capable of addressing details of diesel engine processes with multi-fuels are being developed to enable studies of novel designs and modes of operation under normal and severe environmental conditions. Second, integrated system simulations of advanced and hybrid powertrains are being improved for studying realistic engine-in-vehicle operation, thermal management, component matching, advanced powertrain concepts and architectures, and optimal control strategies. Finally, experimental studies are being conducted to support model development and provide subsequent validation.

Internal Combustion Engine and Fuel Studies

Hybrid Powertrains, Electrification, and Thermal Management