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Simulation-based Validation and Certification of Vehicle Tests and Designs

Work began in 2007 and was completed in 2012.

Computational and simulation models enable virtual engineering, i.e., creating designs that can be delivered for production with little or no prototyping and testing. But how much, if at all, can we trust these designs in the absence of “real” (physical) prototyping and testing, and in the presence of approximations and uncertainties? Moreover, even in the case where we do conduct physical testing, how many tests are necessary for certification given that we cannot test for all possible conditions? Much valuable work has been performed to date in verification and validation (V&V) within the broader CAE community and significant effort is being expended to establish V&V standards within the professional societies and practitioners worldwide.

This research developed a new simulation-based validation and certification methodology for both tests and designs; the developed methodology links simulation model validation with the designer’s intent and the necessary cost for obtaining the information required to perform the validation. The research also supports ISO committee work for creating standards for validation of simulation tools and establishing the process of electronic design certification.

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