Neutron Imaging of Lithium Ion Batteries

Principal Investigators: Anna Stefanopoulou, University of Michigan, annastef(at)
Co-PI Jason Siegel, University of Michigan, siegeljb(at)
Student: Shankar Mohan, University of Michigan
Government: Yi Ding, David Gorsich, U.S. Army TARDEC
Dan Hussey, NIST
Industry: Patrick Hagans, Navitas Advanced Solutions Group

Project began in 2010 and was completed in 2013.

Neutron imaging, also known as neutron radiography, is a valuable tool for in-situ measurements, similar to x-ray radiography. The change in attenuation of a neutron beam passing through a sample can be used to measure a change in the material over time. As lithium concentration inside a battery electrode change, there is a direct and measureable change in the associated neutron attenuation. Moreover, the largest change in molar concentration of lithium occurs within the intercalation materials. Therefore, the change in detected beam intensity is related to the change in Li concentration in the solid electrodes.

The long term goal of this project is use neutron radiography for measuring in situ lithium concentration in lithium-ion battery cells and hence validate mathematical models of Li-ion cells. These models can then be used for real-time state of charge estimation and efficient cell-to-cell balancing using nonlinear predictive control theoretic techniques. The in situ measurements can provide critical information needed to understand, quantify, and model mechanisms associated with battery degradation.


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