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Flexible Multibody Dynamics Approach for Tire Dynamics Simulation

ANCF Tire ModelWhile existing detailed explicit finite-element tire models have been successfully used for predicting stresses in tires as well as the normal contact pressure distribution under steady-state rolling conditions for passenger cars, these models are not suited for the analysis of transient tire dynamics under severe driving conditions for off-road military vehicles, in which transient tire force characteristics and interaction with deformable terrains play important roles in predicting the nonlinear dynamics of tires. Furthermore, these models cannot be integrated into general multibody dynamics computer algorithms for vehicle dynamics simulation due to the essential difference in formulations and solution procedures used in multibody dynamics and classical finite element approaches. This indeed is the motivation of developing the finite element absolute nodal coordinate formulation (ANCF) tire model which allows for modeling the nonlinear tire dynamics and its interaction with deformable terrains using ANCF elements in a general flexible multibody dynamics simulation framework.

For successful development of the high-fidelity computational scheme for tire and soil interactions, the following three key issues need to be addressed: (1) development of new shear deformable ANCF elements and their application to the modeling of tire structures; (2) development of soil models that can be integrated with the ANCF tire model; and (3) development of high performance computing (HPC) schemes for ANCF tire/soil interaction simulation. Toward this goal, this research particularly focuses on the new development of high-fidelity ANCF tire model and its integration with physics-based soil models and HPC algorithms that are developed under TARDEC’s initiatives.

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