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Integrated Power Systems for Improved Mobility of Ground Robots

Unmanned Ground Vehicles can perform many surveillance, scouting, detection and rescue missions and keep soldiers out of harms’ way in the battlefield.  Literature review and analysis indicates that existing SUGVs have short mission duration, lasting for less than 1-2 hours due to the limitation of their on-board power systems.  The long-term goal of this project is to make significant progress toward the goal of reaching 10-hour mission duration without compromising the mission quality.  One of the key expected contributions of this research is to develop scalable models related to the energy/power attributes of off-road military robots, which can be used for their design, simulation, analysis and performance specifications. This project consists of research tasks in three directions: load characterization, sizing and configuration, and control including possibly path planning.

Results of this work has been demonstrated in the research-grade code (not for commercial use) that can be downloaded at the link to the below publication [4].

Downloadable code:


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