ARC at ...

Dr. Anna Stefanopoulou appointed Director of UM Energy Institute (Sep 1, 2018, UM Record)


Dr. Necimye Ozay recognized with Henry Russel Award (Jun 28, 2018, Michigan Engineer)

ARC Researchers at ACC 2018 (May 24-26, 2017, ACC)

Best Paper Award of ASME Automotive and Transportation Systems Technical Committee (Jun. 13, 2018)

ARC Members Honored as Fellows at SAE World Congress (Apr. 10, 2018)

ARC Researchers at the 2018 SAE World Congress (Apr. 10-12, 2018, SAE)

Dr. Lionel Robert on how and whether pedestrians can trust autonomous vehicles (Mar 30, 2018, Mich. Radio)

Dr. Heath Hofmann interviewed about Toyota Prius hybrid system defect (Feb 7, 2018, LA Times)

Dr. Jason Siegel to chair IEEE Technical Committee on Automotive Controls (Feb 2018, IEEE)

Dr. Anna Stefanopoulou on research of sustainable vehicle technologies (Jan 24, 2018, WEMU)

Stefanopoulou plenary at IEEE 56th CDC (Jan 17, 2018, ME)

ARC Researchers at IEEE 56th Conf. Decision and Control (Dec 12-14, 2017, CDC)

ARC Researchers at ASME DSCC 2017 (Oct. 11-13, 2017, DSCC)

Dr. Kira Barton receives ASME DSCD Young Investigator Award (Sep. 8 2017, ME)

ARC Papers at GVSETS 2017 (Aug. 8-10, 2017, GVSETS)

Dr. Angela Violi receives 2017 Adel Sarofim award (Jul. 20, 2017, ME)

U. of Iowa recognizes Dr. KK Choi's company with Startup of the Year award (July 2017, U.Iowa)

ARC Director opens Swedish Electromobility Center's annual conference with invited talk (Jun. 30, 2017, Stockholm U.)

University of Michigan Faculty Brent Gillespie, Kira Barton and Tulga Ersal Promoted (May 2017)

ARC Researchers at ACC 2017 (May 24-26, 2017, ACC)

Congresswoman Dingell gives opening remarks at 23rd ARC Annual Program Review (May 9-10, ME)

ARC Researchers at the 2017 SAE World Congress (Apr. 4-6, 2017, SAE)

Dr. Simona Onori receives NSF CAREER award (Apr. 2017, UBJ)

Dr. Dawn Tilbury appointed Assistant Director of NSF Directorate for Engineering (Mar. 27, 2017, UM News)

Dr. Tulga Ersal on Pushing Autonomous Vehicles to Dynamic Limits (Mar. 18, 2017, IEEE vTools)

Drs. Boehman and Stefanopoulou join discussion on fuel economy target review (Mar. 15, 2017, MLive; Mar. 16, USA Today)

ARC partner Wayne State University hosts Engine Combustion Network ECN5 workshop (Mar. 31 - Apr. 1, 2017, WSU)

PBS Nova documentary on future battery tech interviews ARC faculty Dr. Levi Thompson (Jan. 2017, Energy Institute)


Drs. Stefanopoulou and Siegel - Recipients of 2016 Control Systems Technology Award (Dec. 13, 2016)

ARC Researchers at IEEE 55th Conf. Decision and Control (Dec. 12-14, 2016, IEEE)

Dr. Georges Fadel wins ASME Design Automation Award (Sep. 19, 2016, Newsstand)

TARDEC's ARC thrust area leader Dr. Denise Rizzo honored by Women in Defense (Oct 13, 2016, Crain's)

ARC Director Dr. Anna Stefanopoulou appointed the William Clay Ford Professor of Manufacturing (Oct. 13, 2016, ME)

ARC Researchers at ASME DSCC 2016 (Oct. 12-14, 2016, DSCC)

Dr. Anna Stefanopoulou Gives Engine Control Keynote at PMC Conference (Sep. 7-9, 2016, PMC)

ARC Researchers at ASME IDETC 2016 (Aug. 21-24, 2016, IDETC)

Dr. André Boehman appointed Associate Editor for Energy & Fuels Journal (Aug. 2016)

Dr. Tulga Ersal receives Research Faculty Recognition Award (Aug. 4, ME)

ARC Researchers at GVSETS (Aug. 2-4, 2016, GVSETS)

Dr. Matthew Reed named Don B. Chaffin Collegiate Research Professor (Jul. 22, 2016, UMTRI)

ARC Researchers at ACC 2016 (Jul. 6-8, 2016, ACC)

Green Car Congress article highlighting ARC autonomous obstable avoidance (Jun. 22, 2016, GCC)

Dr. Anna Stefanopoulou gives 2 keynotes: IFAC-ACC 2016 and Symposium for Combustion Control (Jun. 15 & 21, 2016)

Article about ARC battery paper in Green Car Congress (Jun. 6, 2016, GCC)

ARC/TARDEC authors of SAE paper #2014-01-0716 recognized with 2016 Arch T. Colwell Merit Award (Apr. 12 2016, SAE)

ARC Researchers at the 2016 SAE World Congress (Apr. 12-14, 2016, SAE)

TARDEC's ARC thrust area leaders Drs. Jayakumar & Lamb honored (Mar. 25 2016)

Dr. Dawn Tilbury to receive 2016 Engineering Society of Detroit (ESD) Gold Award. (Mar. 16, ESD)

Dr. Levi Thompson interviewed on storage advances in sustainable energy systems (Feb. 17, MLive)

Dr. Anna Stefanopoulou as Panelist and Presenter at SAE 2016 Government/Industry Meeting (Jan. 20, 2016, SAE)

Dr. Bogdan Epureanu receives U of M College of Engineering John F. Ullrich Education Excellence Award (Jan. 13, 2016, ME)


ARPA-E awards Dr. Anna Stefanopoulou $1.9M to develop high effiency small automotive engines (Dec. 1, 2015, Green Car Congress, UM Record, UM CoE)

Dr. Tulga Ersal at NSF Workshop Accessible Remote Testbeds ART'15 (Nov. 12, 2015)

ARC Researchers at ASME 2015 ICEF and IMECE (Nov. 2015)

Innovation Talk at TARDEC by Dr. Tulga Ersal (Oct. 2015)

ARC Researcher at 2015 IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference (Oct. 19-22, 2015, VPCC)

Interviewed regarding the VW emissions control problem are ARC Director Dr. Stefanopoulou (The Takeaway, WSJ, Fusion, Wired, Scientific American) and ARC Assoc. Director Dr. Boehman (CBS News) (updated Oct. 12, 2015)

ARC Researchers at ASME DSCC 2015, includes Best Student Paper finalist (Oct. 28-30, 2015, DSCC2015)

BBC Future interviews Dr. Matt Reed - Seated Soldier Study (Sep. 8, 2015, BBC)

ARC Researchers at 2015 GVSETS with a Best Paper Award (Aug. 4-6, 2015, GVSETS)

ARC Researchers at ASME IDETC/CIE 2015 (Aug. 2-5 2015, IDETC2015)

Dr. Marcis Jansons receives Fulbright Award to teach in Latvia on sabbatical (July 23, 2015, WSU)

Article on 21st ARC Annual Review (Jun. 30 2015, Green Car Congress)

ARC Researchers presenting at 2015 American Control Conference (Jul. 1-2 2015, ACC)

Dr. Andrej Ivanco to give Innovation Talk at TARDEC (Jun. 29 2015)

Recent ARC Speakers at TARDEC Innovation Seminars (Jun. 24 2015)

Dr. Matt Reed receives US DOT Special Award of Appreciation (Jun. 9 2015, UMTRI)

Dr. Angela Violi Promoted to Full Professor, Receives ASME Medal (May 2015)

ARC Researchers at the 2015 SAE World Congress (Apr. 21-23 2015, SAE)

UM article announcing ARC Phase IV 5-year 40M agreement with U.S. Army TARDEC (ME, Feb. 2015)

Prof. Anna Stefanopoulou is a panel member at the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit #ARPAE15 (Feb. 9-11 2015)

Prof. Zoran Filipi named Chair of Clemson's Automotive Engineering Dept. (Jan. 2015, Clemson News)


Final report of Seated Soldier Study released, Dr. Matt Reed interviewed (Dec. 2014, Deep Blue, UM Record)

Dr. Paramsothy Jayakumar, ARC Area 1 TARDEC Leader, Awarded SAE Colwell Medal (Nov. 2014, SAE)

Prof. Stefanopoulou, ARC Director, Presents Keynote Lecture at ACC 2014 "Control of Powertrain Systems at the High Efficiency Limit" (video & slides posted)

A.G. Stefanopoulou "People in Control" profile in IEEE Control Systems Magazine, Issue 4, pp. 44-45, Aug. 2014 (PDF)

Dr. Matt Reed comments on crash safety (Nov. 2014, Boston Globe)

ARC Researcher at ASME ICE Fall (Oct. 22-24, 2014)

ARC Researchers at DSCC 2014 (Oct. 22-24, 2014)

Dr. Dawn Tilbury to receive Michael J. Rabins Leadership Award (Aug. 2014, ME)

ARC Researchers at GVSETS 2014 (Aug. 12-14, 2014)

Dr. Anna Stefanopoulou gives ACC semi-plenary (Aug. 2014, IEEE)

Presentation videos from ARC Annual Review (2014, U of M)

ARC student wins best presentation award (Jun. 2014, ACC)

ARC researchers at ACC 2014 (Jun. 4-6 2014, Portland, OR)

Michigan Engineering video intro to our Intelligent Batteries work (Apr. 18 2014, MConnex)

Dr. Zoran Filipi contributes a chapter in new book on Advanced Vehicle Technologies (May 2014, Elsevier)

Dr. Panos Paplambros Selected to Receive ASEE and ASME Awards (May 2014)

Dr. Matt Reed gives invited lecture at West Point (Apr. 29 2014)

ARC Researchers at the 2014 SAE World Congress (Apr. 8-10 2014, SAE)

ARC student wins best presentation award and scholarship (Mar. 2014)

ARC research on Energy Intelligence for ground robots featured (Mar. 2014, Accelerate)

ARC research at ACS 2014 (Mar. 20 2014, ACS)

Dr. Panos Papalambros delivers his Distinguished University Lecture (Feb. 12 2014, Youtube)

Dr. Matt Reed presented findings of Seated Soldier Study at TARDEC (Jan. 28 2014, Facebook)

Dr. Zoran Filipi interviewed about concept car technologies (Jan. 24 2014, VOA)

Dr. Dawn Tilbury to serve as new ADRGE (Jan. 2014, ME)

ARC Faculty receive CoE Awards (Jan. 2014, ME)


Dr. Galip Ulsoy elected IEEE Fellow (Dec. 2013, ME)

Dr. Huei Peng elected SAE Fellow (Oct. 2013, ME)

Michigan Engineering video intro to ARC control of unmanned ground vehicles (Oct. 14 2013, Mconnex)

ARC researchers at DSCC'13 (Oct. 21-23 2013)

Dr. Huei Peng co-authored new book on modern automotive transmissions (updated Oct. 14 2013 with publisher site SAE)

Dr. K. K. Choi invited to speak at NAFEMS Stochastics Symposium (Oct. 17 2013)

2013 ASME IC Engine Fall Tech. Conference to tour ARC partner school Wayne State U. facilities (Oct. 16 2013, 8am-12pm, ASME)

ARC faculty at the ASME ICE Fall Tech. Conf. (Oct 13-16 2013, ASME)

Michigan Engineering video intro to ARC Internet hardware in the loop (9/13/2013, Mconnex)

Dr. Corina Sandu presented with dual SAE awards (updated 6/24/13, SAE)

ARC Researchers at ACC 2013 (6/17-19/2013; updated 6/21/2013)

Safer military vehicle seating (6/5/2013, UM News)

Faculty awards and promotion (5/31/2013, ME)

ARC Students at HRI Pioneers Workshop (updated 5/12/13, HRI Pioneers)

Special IJVD Issue on Modeling and Simulation of Ground Vehicle Systems (4/23/2013, IJVD)

ARC students at MI Robotics Day (4/15/13, Ann Arbor)

ARC Researchers at the 2013 SAE World Congress (4/16-18, SAE)

Dr. Angela Violi receives UM Faculty Recognition Award (3/18/13, ME)

Dr. Huei Peng co-authored new book on modern automotive transmissions (3/11/13, ME)

Dr. Heath Hoffman on UM automotive power electronics curriculum (1/30/13, engineeringtv)

Dr. Levi Thompson on Boeing battery burn-out (1/18/13, Ars Technica, Youtube)

ARC contributions to Army research (Jan. '13, Accelerate)

Dr. David Gorsich on Multi-Disciplinary Optimization (Jan. '13, Accelerate)

More realistic solidier model for the Army: Dr. Matt Reed (Jan. '13, Accelerate)


Dr. Juan Rivas & Dr. Charles Monroe receives NSF CAREER award (11/28/12 EECS, 12/7/12 CHEM)

Dr. K. K. Choi, ARC Area Leader, recognized for excellence in mentoring (U-Iowa, 11/26/12)

ARC Deputy Director Tilbury receives SWE Distinguished Engineering Educator Award (posted 11/12/12)

2 student researchers at Engineering Graduate Symposium Technical Session Competition (UM, 11/8/12)

ARC researchers at DSCC'12 (10/5/12, updated 10/19/12)

Virtual testing includes soldiers in realistic postures and quantifying for body armor (Wired Magazine 9/4/2012)

DSCC'12 and MOVIC Semi-Plenary Highlight Papers (8/20/12)

ARC Researchers at GVSETS 2012 (8/14-16/2012)

Dr. Paul Rogers appointed TARDEC Director (8/13/12, TARDEC)

Prof. Zissimos Mourelatos & Dr. Amandeep Singh wins SAE Arch T. Colwell Merit Award (8/5/12, GVSET News)

ARC Conference speakers on future mobility, energy (8/5/12, GVSET News)

Prof. Jeff Stein receives Michael J. Rabins Leadership Award (8/2/12, ME News)

Prof. Galip Ulsoy receives TÜBİTAK Special Award (8/12, ME News)

Tilbury receives SWE Distinguished Engineering Educator Award (7/18/12, ME News)

Prof. Dawn Tilbury, ARC Deputy Director, conferred ASME Fellow (7/13/12, ME News)

Papalambros wins 2011 IJRM Best Paper Award (7/12, ME News)

ARC Researchers at ACC 2012 (6/27-29/2012)

ARC Faculty's Papers in Top 10 Cited List of JDSM&C (6/18/12)

Change in ARC Thrust Area Leadership (6/8/12)

Conference highlights 'U's' research benefit to soldiers overseas (Michigan Daily 5/24/12)

Soldier Safety and Future Mobility Discussed at Conference (UM Record Update 5/23/12)

ARC Director on National Academies committee for improving fuel economy... more (5/11/2012)

Opening of U.S. Army GSPEL Complex (4/11/2012)

Dr. Corina Sandu elected fellow of ASME... more (4/19/2012)

2011 SAGE Best Paper Award for ARC Paper (4/4/2012)

ARC student Steven Hoffenson receives college award (ME Dept News, 3/5/2012)

Dr. Zoran Filipi named Editor-in-Chief of SAE Int'l Alternative Powertrains Tech. Journal (SAE, 2/17/2012)

ARC student Steve Vozar accepted as an "HRI Young Pioneer" (HRI Pioneers, 1/30/2012)


U.S. Military Tests Green Tech (NPR, 12/29/2011)

Dr. Zoran Filipi receives SAE Fellowship (SAE, Nov 29 '11)

Educating students with industry outreach (Nov. '11)

ARC Director interviewed by NPR on improving fuel efficiency (23 Nov '11)

ARC researchers at DSCC 2011 (Oct '11)

ARC Mobility Modeling Shapes Future Engine Design - GVSET News (Sep '11, Vol 8, Issue 5)

Award-Winning Paper Describes How to Predict Engine Responses - GVSET News (Sep '11, Vol 8, Issue 5)

ASME Design Automation Conference best paper award for ARC microgrid paper (Sep. '11)

GVSETS best paper award for ARC optimization paper (Aug. '11)

ARC presence at GVSETS (Aug. 9-11, Detroit, MI)

Donald Julius Groen Prize Awarded to ARC Researchers and Quad Member (July '11)

ARC researchers at the 2011 American Control Conference (ACC2011) (6/29-7/1, San Francisco, CA)

Prof. K. K. Choi (U. of Iowa) and his research group will be conducting a TARDEC Workshop on Sampling-Based RBDO (Reliability-Based Design Optimization) (4/19, Detroit Arsenal)

ARC researchers at the SAE 2011 World Congress (4/12-14, Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI)

Prof. Zoran Filipi organizes, and Prof. Dennis Assanis presents at SAE 2011 High Efficiency IC Engines Symposium (4/10-4/11, Detroit, MI)

Prof. Jeff Stein talks smart grid and electric cars on Capitol Hill (3/23, Wash. D.C.)


ARC faculty at the 27th Army Science Conference (ASC), Orlando, Florida (11/29 - 12/2)

ARC director speaks in D.C. on how basic research for the military helps improve national security (University Record, 10/20)

Maj. Gen. Stein (TACOM LCMC) Tours ARC Facility (9/23)

ARC Members present at the 2010 Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering and Technology Symposium (GVSETS, 8/17-19)

Partnership Increases Terramechanics High-Fidelity Modeling Capabilities (GVSET News July '10 | Vol 7, Issue 4)

Report of ARC researchers at IFAC AAC2010 (7/12-14, Munich, Germany)

Report of ARC at the 2010 American Control Conference (ACC2010) (6/30-7/2, Baltimore, MD)

Engine project that includes UM, AVL, Bosch wins $12M in funds (1/13) (Crain's Detroit Business)