ARC Members Honored as Fellows at SAE World Congress

10 April 2018 - The SAE's highest grade of membership, the Fellow status recognizes and honors long-term members who have made a significant impact on the Society's mobility technology through leadership, research, and innovation. Established in 1975, the grade of Fellow is administered by the SAE Fellows Committee. Election to Fellow is an exceptional professional distinction bestowed on around 20 recipients each year. A distinctive Fellow pin is presented to the new Fellow at the annual Fellows dinner and a framed Fellow certificate is presented during the SAE Awards Ceremony. Both functions are being held at WCX World Congress Experience this week.

ARC faculty named SAE fellows
From left: Dr. Corina Sandu, Dr. Mircea Gradu (SAE President), Dr. Ravi Thyagarajan, Dr. Anna Stefanopoulou and Dr. John Wagner

Dr. Anna G Stefanopoulou: Recognized for her contributions in dynamic estimation and control of internal combustion engines and electrochemical processes such as fuel cells and batteries. She has trained a generation of engineers to develop model-predictive methods for real-time coordination of multiple actuators typically met in highly efficient and clean powertrains.

Dr. Corina Sandu: Recognized as a leader in the field of tire and vehicle dynamics. Her research, teaching, and professional service efforts have significantly impacted the state of the art in virtual and physical modeling and simulation of tires and vehicles under on-road and off-road conditions.

Dr. Ravi Thyagarajan: Recognized for technical leadership for almost 30 years in the areas of design, development, and analysis of ground vehicles and occupants, pertaining to structural optimization, ground vehicle crash/blast-worthiness, occupant safety, and light-weighting. His accomplishments have resulted in designs, tools and methodologies that have greatly benefited both the commercial, automotive and defense vehicle sectors.

Dr. John R Wagner: Recognized for technical innovation in the development of real time hardware-in-the-loop design tools, smart cooling systems, and automotive safety education curriculum for passenger and commercial vehicles. The research and education achievements have benefited society by providing advanced control capabilities for complex vehicle systems, and novice driver training to reduce operator attributed crashes.