Dr. Anna Stefanopoulou Gives Keynotes at 2 Conferences

Click on the image for higher resolution graphicOn June 15th 2016, Dr. Anna Stefanopoulou, ARC Director and Professor of Mechanical Engineering, gave a keynote address at the 2nd Symposium for Combustion Control in Aachen, Germany. The title of her talk was "Combustion Control Beyond the Rugged Edge of High Cyclic Variability." The symposium is motivated by the "increasing demands to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emission" which "led to a variety of new concepts to improve combustion engines. Most of these approaches require efficient closed-loop control, detailed physical models, powerful control logics and innovative sensor concepts."

Click on the image for higher resolution graphicDr. Stefanopoulou is also scheduled to give another keynote address at the 2016 Advances in Automotive Control - 8th International Federation of Automatic Control, IFAC-AAC (June 19-23) in Norrköping, Sweden. Her talk titled "Engine Control at the Rugged Edge of High Efficiency" will talk place on Tuesday, June 21, 2016.

Three papers co-authored by Dr. Stefanopoulou will also be presented at the IFAC-ACC event, listed below.

Monday, June 20, 2016
MoAT1.6: Mild HEV with Multimode Combustion: Benefi ts of a Small Oxygen Storage
Sandro Nuesch, Anna G. Stefanopoulou

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
WeAT1.2: Simultaneous Estimation of Intake and Residual Mass Using In-Cylinder Pressure in an Engine with Negative Valve Overlap
Carlos Guardiola, Vassilis Triantopoulos, Pau Bares, Stani Bohac, Anna G. Stefanopoulou

Thursday, June 23, 2016
ThAT1.4: Effects of Differential Pressure Measurement Characteristics on Low Pressure-EGR Estimation Error in SI-Engines
Rani Kiwan, Anna G. Stefanopoulou, Jason Martz, Gopichandara Surnilla, Imtiaz Ali, Daniel Joseph Styles