Dr. Tulga Ersal at NSF Workshop Accessible Remote Testbeds ART'15

On November 12th, Dr. Tulga Ersal, Assistant Research Scientist from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, talked about "Enabling High-Fidelity Closed-Loop Integration of Remotely Accessible Testbeds" at the NSF Sponsored Workshop on Accessible Remote Testbeds (ART’15) at Georgia Tech.

From the event website:

The rationale behind the ART’15 workshop is that remote-access testbeds could, if done right, significantly change how we structure research infrastructure, and the focus of the workshop is on identifying challenges, opportunities, and previous successes in this domain.

The work that Dr. Ersal presented is from a completed ARC project (2010-2013) "Internet-Distributed Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation".