Prof. Stefanopoulou Presents Keynote Lecture at ACC 2014

Prof. Stefanopoulou, ARC Director, presents the 2014 American Control Conference (ACC) keynote lecture on "Control of Powertrain Systems at the High Efficiency Limit" [direct links to the lecture video and presentation slides].

Abstract: Powerful model-based control tools have enabled the realization of modern clean and efficient automobiles. Our effort to minimize automotive pollution and fuel consumption at low cost is pushing us to control powertrain systems at their high efficiency limit where poorly understood phenomena occur. This semi-plenary story will highlight a few of these frontiers. In the realm of internal combustion engines, a highly efficient gasoline engine with seemingly chaotic behavior will be controlled at the lean combustion stability limit. In the electrification realm, stressed-out batteries and dead-ended fuel cells will highlight the challenges and successes in understanding, modeling, and controlling highly efficient power conversion on-board a vehicle. With these highlights it will become clear that as we race to improve mileage by 50% over the next decade powertrain control engineers will take the driver's seat!