ARC Researchers at the 2014 SAE World Congress
(April 8-10, Detroit, Michigan, USA)

ARC researchers will be presenting their latest research developments at the 2014 SAE World Congress. Below are their papers which may include non-ARC sponsored research.

Tuesday, April 8

Session PFL223; Room 414 A/B
Combustion in Compression-Ignition Engines: Fuel/Additive Effects
9:30 am 2014-01-1263 Experimental Study for the Effect of Fuel Properties on the Ion Current, Combustion, and Emission in a High Speed Diesel Engine
Rojan Mathew George, Tamer Badawy, Naeim Henein, Wayne State Univ. (not ARC funded)
Session PFL150; Room 410 B
Diagnostic Development
10:10 am 2014-01-1176 A New Technique to Determine the Burning Velocity in a Gasoline Direct Injection Engine
Shenouda Mekhael, Fadi Estefanous, Naeim Henein, Wayne State Univ.; Akram Zahdeh, GM (not ARC funded)
Session PFL710; Room 140 G
Advanced Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Powertrains (Part 2 of 4)
1:00 pm 2014-01-1801 A Framework for Optimization of the Traction Motor Design Based on the Series-HEV System Level Goals
Andrej Ivanco, Clemson-ICAR; Kan Zhou, Heath Hofmann, University of Michigan; Zoran Filipi, Clemson-ICAR
Session PFL310; Room 412 A
Fuel and Additive Effects on Engine Systems (Part 2 of 3)
1:20 pm 2014-01-1376 Experimental Validation and Combustion Modeling of a JP-8 Surrogate in a Single Cylinder Diesel Engine
Amit Shrestha, Umashankar Joshi, Ziliang Zheng, Tamer Badawy, Naeim Henein, Wayne State Univ.; Eric Sattler, Peter Schihl, US Army TACOM
1:40 pm 2014-01-1389 Role of Volatility in the Development of JP-8 Surrogates for Diesel Engine Application
Ziliang Zheng, PO-I Lee, Amit Shrestha, Tamer Badawy, Ming-Chia Lai, Naeim Henein, Wayne State Univ.; Eric Sattler, US Army TACOM
Session PFL199; Room 410 B
Panel Discussion: Are We Done with Efficiency Improvements in Internal Combustion Engine Development? Maybe Not!"
2:00 pm Panelists: Paolo Di Martino, IAV Automotive Engineering Inc.; Zoran S. Filipi, Clemson-ICAR; Robert Gruszczynski, Volkswagen of America; Dimitri N. Kazarinoff, AVL North America Inc.; David B. Roth, BorgWarner Inc.; Matti Vint, VALEO; Bruce Woodrow, Ricardo Inc.;
Session IDM102; Room 116 A
Reliability and Robust Design in Automotive Engineering: Reliability-Based Design Optimization and Robustness
2:00 pm 2014-01-0716 Flexible Design and Operation of a Smart Charging Microgrid
Vijitashwa Pandey, Oakland Univ.; Annette Skowronska, US Army TARDEC; Zissimos Mourelatos, Oakland Univ.; David Gorsich, US Army RDECOM; Matthew Castanier, US Army TARDEC
2:20 pm 2014-01-0719 Enhancing Decision Topology Assessment in Engineering Design
Vijitashwa Pandey, Zissimos Mourelatos, Oakland Univ.; Matthew Castanier, US Army TARDEC
3:00 pm 2014-01-0717 A New Metamodeling Approach for Time-Dependent Reliability of Dynamic Systems with Random Parameters Excited by Input Random Processes
Igor Baseski, US Army TARDEC; Dorin Drignei, Zissimos Mourelatos, Monica Majcher, Oakland Univ.
3:20 pm ORAL ONLY Technical Keynote: Development of Reliability Analysis and Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (RAMDO) & Applications
Kyung K. Choi, University of Iowa

Wednesday, April 9

Session PFL290; Room 414 A/B
Cold Start and Transients
10:00 am 2014-01-0858 In-Cylinder Wall Temperature Influence on Unburned Hydrocarbon Emissions During Transitional Period in an Optical Engine Using a Laser-Induced Phosphorescence Technique
Xi Luo, Xin Yu, Kan Zha, Marcis Jansons, Wayne State Univ.; Valentin Soloiu, Georgia Southern Univ. (not ARC funded)
Session PFL399; Room 411 C
Panel Discussion: Opportunities, Barriers and Strategies to Larger-Scale Introduction of Natural Gas for Light-Duty Applications
10:20 am Organizers: Robert W. Dibble, Univ. of California-Berkeley (retired); Zoran S. Filipi, Clemson-ICAR; Ronald L. Graves, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Joachim G. Taiber, Clemson Univ.; Robert M. Wagner, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Thomas Wallner, Argonne National Laboratory Brad A. Boyer, Ford Motor Co.; Thomas Wallner, Argonne National Laboratory

Thursday, April 10

Session PFL750; Room 140 G
Controls for Hybrids and Electric Powertrains
8:20 am 2014-01-1904 Optimization of the Series-HEV Control with Consideration of the Impact of Battery Cooling Auxiliary Losses
Xueyu Zhang, Andrej Ivanco, Clemson-ICAR; Xinran Tao, John Wagner, Clemson Univ; Zoran Filipi, Clemson-ICAR
Session PFL232; Room 411 A
HCCI Combustion Processes Experiments
10:00 am 2014-01-1276 Refinement and Validation of the Thermal Stratification Analysis: A post-processing methodology for determining temperature distributions in an experimental HCCI engine
Benjamin Lawler, Joshua Lacey, University of Michigan; Nicolas Dronniou, IFP Energies Nouvelles; Jeremie Dernotte, John Dec, Sandia National Labs.; Orgun Guralp, Paul Najt, General Motors Co.; Zoran Filipi, Clemson- ICAR (not ARC funded)
Session PFL280; Room 411 C
Combustion Control and Optimization (Part 2 of 2)
1:00 pm 2014-01-1360 Combustion Ionization for Resonance Detection and Mitigation Using Pilot Injection in a Diesel Engine
Tamer Badawy, Naeim Henein, Wayne State Univ. (not ARC funded)