Prof. K.K. Choi Invited to Speak at NAFEMS Symposium

Event Type: Seminar
Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
Date: October 17, 2013

Professor K. K. Choi from the University of Iowa, a partner school of the Automotive Research Center (ARC) was invited to present at the NAFEMS Stochastics Symposium Understanding Variation to Realize Robust and Optimal Design and Production.  The symposium was held at the Embassy Suites, Los Angeles International Airport on October 17, 2013.

All of the basic research results obtained in our ARC Projects [3.1 & 3.2] are very successfully integrated to develop a pre-commercial code I-RBDO that is delivered to the start-up company RAMDO Solutions, LLC for commercialization.  We have established the start-up company in August 2013 to commercialize I-RBDO.  The commercialized product will be called RAMDO (Reliability Analysis & Multidisciplinary Design Optimization).  The company will enhance RAMDO and continue support for US Army needs as well as commercial industries.  A PIDO (Process Integration & Design Optimization) tool is essential for RBDO of multidisciplinary applications.  For PIDO, two key capabilities need to be developed:  (1) Process Integration (PI) is capability for seamless integration of diverse CAD/CAE tools for multidisciplinary analysis; and (2) Design Optimization (DO) is capability for multidisciplinary reliability analysis and RBDO.  The first capability is focused on integration of CAD/CAE tools and user interfaces, whereas the second capability is focused on the computational engine to support multidisciplinary RBDO.  As RAMDO is a computational engine for DO, it needs to be integrated with PI to have a complete PIDO capability.

ARC support of basic research into RBDO is being materialized in commercial software, from partnerships with companies such as Altair and Dassault SIMULIA. This is one of our mission goals: to transfer the fruits of our government-funded research to benefit industry and society.