ARC Researchers at the 2013 SAE World Congress
(April 16-18, Detroit, Michigan, USA)

It is no surprise that ARC researchers will be turning up in force at the 2013 SAE World Congress. Below are their papers which may include non-ARC sponsored research. We are also proud to report that ARC faculty Dr. Corina Sandu will be presented with two SAE awards at the awards ceremony.

Tuesday, April 16

Session B302; Room D3-18
2:00 pm 2013-01-0441 Assessment of a Safe Driving Program for Novice Operators
Lance Clark, Philip Pidgeon, Kim Alexander, Clemson University; Ken Rogich, Richard Petty Driving Experience; John R. Wagner, Clemson University; Matthew Jensen, Florida Institute of Technology
Session B303; Room D3-22
1:00 pm 2013-01-0453 Driver Preference for Fore-Aft Steering Wheel Location
Matthew Reed, Univ. of Michigan
2:40 pm 2013-01-0452 Development of a Methodology for Simulating Seat Back Interaction Using Realistic Body Contours
Jingwen Hu, Matthew Reed, Univ. of Michigan
Session PFL212; Room W2-69
2:00 pm 2013-01-0545 Cycle-by-Cycle Soot Estimation in Diesel Engines
Tamer Badawy, Wayne State Univ; Fadi Estefanous; Naeim Henein, Wayne State Univ
2:20 pm 2013-01-0555 Cycle Resolved In-Cylinder NOx and Ion Current Measurements in a Diesel Engine
Fadi Adly Anis Estefanous; Tamer Badawy, Naeim Henein, Wayne State Univ

Wednesday, April 17

Session PFL100; Room O2-33
10:20 am 2013-01-1449 Vehicle Modeling and Evaluation of the Engine Options in Conventional and Mild-Hybrid Powertrain
Andrej Ivanco, Zoran Filipi, Clemson University ICAR
2:00 pm ORAL ONLY Enabling Integrated Powertrain Experiments in Networked Distributed Laboratories
Tulga Ersal, Youngki Kim, Jason Siegel, Ashwin Salvi, Univ of Michigan; Mark Brudnak, US Army TARDEC; Anna Stefanopoulou, University of Michigan; Jeffrey Stein, Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor; Zoran Filipi, Clemson University
Session PFL106; Room W2-70
10:20 am 2013-01-0847 Impact of Supplemental Natural Gas on Engine Efficiency, Performance, and Emissions
Claire Maxey, Vickey Kalaskar, Pennsylvania State University; Dongil Kang, Andre Boehman, University of Michigan
Session PFL204; Room W2-65
11:00 am 2013-01-0898 Investigation of Low-Temperature Combustion in an Optical Engine Fueled with Low Cetane Sasol JP-8 Fuel Using OH-PLIF and HCHO Chemiluminescence Imaging
Kan Zha, Xin Yu, Ming-Chia Lai, Marcis Jansons, Wayne State University
Session PFL205; Room W2-66
11:20 am 2013-01-1682 Combustion and Emissions Characteristics of JP8 Blends and ULSD#2 with Similar CN in a Direct Injection Naturally Aspirated Compression Engine
Valentin Soloiu, Henry Ochieng, Jabeous Weaver, Marvin Duggan, Spencer Harp, Brian Vlcek, Craig Jenkins, Georgia Southern University; Marcis Jansons, Wayne state university
Session PFL214; Room W2-64
8:40 am 2013-01-1641 Thermal Management of Vehicular Payloads Using Nanofluid Augmented Coolant Rail - Modeling and Analysis
Fan He; David Ewing; Joshua Finn; John Wagner; Lin Ma
Session PFL303; Room W2-69
8:00 am 2013-01-0326

Estimation of Main Combustion Parameters from the Measured Instantaneous Crankshaft Speed
Florin Mocanu, Dinu Taraza, Wayne State University

10:20 am Panel Discussion: Engine and Combustion Modeling for Model-based Control
Panelist: Zoran S. Filipi, Clemson University
Session PFLCHAT310; Room W2-69
4:00 pm Chat with the Expert - LD/HD Control, Calibration, and OBD
Panelist: Zoran S. Filipi, Clemson University
Session IDM102; Room D0-02B
8:20 am 2013-01-0606 New Metrics to Assess Reliability and Functionality of Repairable Systems
Vijitashwa Pandey, Zissimos Mourelatos, Oakland University
9:00 am ORAL ONLY Application of Subset Simulation with Markov Chain Monte Carlo and Splitting to Time-Dependent Reliability Estimation
Zhonglai Wang, Zissimos Mourelatos, Oakland University; Jing Li, Oakland Univ; Amandeep Singh, Igor Baseski, US Army TARDEC

Thursday, April 18

Session PFL214; Room W2-64
8:40 am 2013-01-1641 Thermal Management of Vehicular Payloads Using Nanofluid Augmented Coolant Rail - Modeling and Analysis
Fan He; David Ewing; Joshua Finn; John Wagner; Lin Ma
Session PFL500; Room W2-68
10:20 am 2013-01-1733 Design and Modeling of a Novel Internal Combustion Engine with Direct Hydraulic Power Take-off
Kevin Zaseck, University of Michigan; Aristotelis Babajimopoulos, Stony Brook University; Matthew Brusstar, US Environmental Protection Agency; Zoran Filipi, Clemson University; Dennis Assanis, Stony Brook University
Session B403; Room D3-18
8:20 am 2013-01-1157 Distribution of Belt Anchorage Locations in the Second Row of Passenger Cars and Light Trucks (2013-01-1157)
Matthew Reed, Univ. of Michigan; Sheila Ebert-Hamilton, UMTRI
Session IDM900; Room D0-04AB
1:00 pm Panel Discussion: Reliability Assessment, Model Validation, and the New SAE J2940 Standard
Panelists: Kyung K. Choi, Univ. of Iowa; Zissimos Mourelatos, Oakland University