ARC Researchers at DSCC 2011

4th Annual Dynamic Systems and Control Conference
Oct 31 - Nov 2, 2011, The Westin Arlington Gateway, Arlington, VA, USA

Researchers presented both ARC and non-ARC sponsored papers.

Paper MoAT3.6: Running Simulation Models in Parallel with Physical Systems for Improved Estimation Performance: Semantic Models Facilitate Updating Model State, Parameters, and Structure
Anand, Dhananjay;Tilbury, Dawn M.; Moyne, James (University Of Michigan)

Paper MoBT3.2: State of Charge Estimation Error Due to Parameter Mismatch in a Generalized Explicit Lithium Ion Battery Model
Lin, Xinfan; Stefanopoulou, Anna G.; Laskowsky, Patricia; Freudenberg, James S. (Univ. of Michigan); Li, Yonghua; Anderson, R. Dyche (Ford Motor Company)

Paper MoCT4.5: Electrochemical Li-Ion Battery Modeling for Control Design with Optimal Uneven Discretization
Lee, Tae-Kyung; Filipi, Zoran (University of Michigan)

Paper TuAT1.4: Simultaneous Optimization of Supervisory Control and Gear Shift Logic for a Parallel Hydraulic Hybrid Refuse Truck Using Stochastic Dynamic Programming
Johri, Rajit (University of Michigan), Baseley, Simon (Bosch-Rexroth), Filipi, Zoran (University of Michigan)

Paper TuAT2.5: Model Predictive Control of a Microgrid with Plug-In Vehicles: Error Modeling and the Role of Prediction Horizon
Peters, Diane; Mechtenberg, Abigail; Whitefoot, John; Papalambros, Panos (University of Michigan)

Paper TuCT2.6: Physics-based Control Oriented Mean Value Model for Diesel Combustion Process with EGR Sensitivity
Lee, Byungchan (University of Michigan - Dearborn); Jung, Dohoy (University of Michigan); Kim, Yong-Wha (Ford Motor Company)

Paper TuCT6.3: Comparison of Optimal Supervisory Control Strategies for a Series Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Powertrain
Patil, Rakesh; Filipi, Zoran; Fathy, Hosam K. (The University Of Michigan)

Paper WeAT2.1: On the Influence of Composition on the Thermally-Dominant Recompression HCCI Combustion Dynamics
Jade, Shyam; Hellström, Erik; Stefanopoulou, Anna G. (University Of Michigan); Jiang, Li (Robert Bosch LLC)

Paper WeAT3.4: Dynamic Model of the Piston-Ring Assembly Using Curved Beam Finite Elements
Hakeem, Mohannad; Chalhoub, Nabil (Wayne State University); Schihl, Peter (U.S. Army)

Paper WeAT3.5: Terrain Gridding Using a Stochastic Weighting Function
Ma, Rui; Ferris, John (Virginia Tech)

Paper WeAT4.1: Optimal Control of Engine-Starts for Drivability of Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Kum, Dongsuk; Peng, Huei (Univ. of Michigan); Bucknor, Norman (General Motors, R&D Center)

Paper WeAT4.3: Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of a Power-split Hybrid Electric Vehicle: Influence of Inclusion of Powertrain Dynamics
Borhan, Hoseinali (Ali) (Clemson University); Liang, Wei (Ford Motor Company); Vahidi, Ardalan (Clemson University); Phillips, Anthony; Di Cairano, Stefano; Kuang, Ming; McGee, Ryan (Ford Motor Company)

Paper WeAT4.6: Optimal Energy Management for a Hybrid Vehicle Using Neuro-Dynamic Programming to Consider Transient Engine Operation
Johri, Rajit; Salvi, Ashwin; Filipi, Zoran (University of Michigan)

Paper WeBT4.1: Decentralized Charging of Plug-In Electric Vehicles
Li, Chiao-Ting; Ahn, Changsun; Peng, Huei; Sun, Jing (University of Michigan)

Paper WeCT2.6: Iterative Learning Based Driver Input Synthesis for Evaluating Transient Diesel Soot Emissions
Ahlawat, Rahul; Fathy, Hosam K.; Stein, Jeffrey L. (Univ. of Michigan)