Donald Julius Groen Prize Awarded to ARC Researchers and Quad Member

Tae-Kyung Lee (UM), Zoran Filipi (UM), and Denise Kramer (RDECOM-TARDEC) have been awarded a Donald Julius Groen Prize by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ Mechatronics (IMechE), Informatics and Control Group for their paper "High-degree-of-freedom engine modeling for control design using a crank-angle-resolved flame propagation simulation and artificial neural network surrogate models", published in the 2010 Part I Journal: Systems and Control Engineering Issue I6 Vol 224.

DOI: 10.1243/09596518JSCE908

This prize is awarded "to the authors of outstanding papers or for outstanding achievements in the Group's sphere of activity, provided the papers or achievements are of a sufficiently high standard to warrant the award of an IMechE prize." Read more about the Donald Julius Groen Award at this IMechE web page.