Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering and Technology Symposium (GVSETS)
August 17-19, 2010, Dearborn, Michigan (site link)

ARC director Prof. Anna Stefanopoulou gave an overview of the ARC, opening for the Modeling and Simulation, Testing and Validation (MSTV) mini-symposium.

ARC faculty presented their work:

Robust Triggering of Multiple Subsystems for a Terrain Measurement System, Robert Binns, Dr. John Ferris, Virginia Tech

Functionality-Graded NPR [Negative Poisson’s Ratio] Material for Blast- Protective Deflector, Dr. Zheng-Dong Ma (University of Michigan), Dr. Hongxin Bian, Dr. Ce Sun (MKP Structural Design Associates, Inc.), Dr. Gregory M. Hulbert (University of Michigan), Krishan D. Bishnoi, Farzard Rostam-Abadi (TARDEC)

Finally, ARC Deputy Director Prof. Zoran Filipi co-chaired the Power and Energy session.