IFAC Symposium Advanced in Automotive Control (AAC2010)
July 12-14, 2010, Munich, Germany (site link)

ARC faculty and students presented 5 papers at AAC2010:

  • MA3: Combustion Engine: Model-Based Diagostics
    MA3.4: Ethanol Content Estimation in Flex-Fuel Direct Injection Engines with Fault Detection under Fuel Injector Drifts, Kyung-ho Ahn, Anna G. Stefanopoulou, Univ. of Michigan; Li Jiang, Hakan Yilmaz, Robert Bosch LLC (USA)
  • MB3 Combustion Engine Control I
    MB3.2: Approaches to Virtual Sensing in Advanced Engines Using High-Fidelity Simulation and ANN Surrogate Models, Tae-Kyung Lee, Zoran Filipi, Univ. of Michigan (USA)
  • MC2 Energy Management for Hybrid Vehicles
    MC2.2: Optimal Control of the Plug-In HEV for Fuel Economy under Various Travel Distances, Dongsuk Kum, Huei Peng, Univ. of Michigan; Norman Bucknor, General Motors (USA)
  • MC3 Combustion Engine Control II
    MC3.3: Advanced Engine Cooling – Components, Testing and Observations, John Chastain, Techtronic Industries; John R. Wagner, Clemson Univ.; John Eberth, Univ. of Houston (USA)
  • WA2 Steering Dynamics and Assistance
    WA2.2: A Customizable Steer-By-Wire Interface for Ground Vehicles, Uday Mandhata, The Mathworks; John R.Wagner, Fred Switzer, Darren M. Dawson, Joshua Summers, Clemson Univ. (USA)