2010 American Control Conference (ACC2010)
June 30-July 02, 2010, Baltimore, MD (program)

Our ARC faculty and students were prominantly present at the ACC2010 with 13 papers:

  • Paper WeC17.1
    Pence, Benjamin (University of Michigan, Department of Mechanical Engineering), Stein, Jeffrey L. (University of Michigan), Fathy, Hosam K. (University Of Michigan), A Maximum Likelihood Approach to Recursive Polynomial Chaos Parameter Estimation
  • Paper FrB10.3
    Bashash, Saeid (University of Michigan), Moura, Scott (University of Michigan), Fathy, Hosam K. (University Of Michigan), Charge Trajectory Optimization of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles for Energy Cost Reduction and Battery Health Enhancement
  • Paper ThB19.6
    Lee, Donghoon (University of Michigan), Stefanopoulou, Anna G. (University Of Michigan), Makkapati, Satheesh (Ford Motor Company), Jankovic, Mrdjan (Ford Research & Advanced Engineering), Modeling and Control of a Heated Air Intake Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) Engine
  • Paper FrA10.5
    Speltino, Carmelo (Università del Sannio BN Italy), Stefanopoulou, Anna G. (University Of Michigan), Fiengo, Giovanni (Universita' degli Studi del Sannio), Cell Equalization in Battery Stacks through State of Charge Estimation Polling
  • Paper FrC10.2
    Siegel, Jason (University of Michigan), Stefanopoulou, Anna G. (University Of Michigan), Parameterization of GDL Liquid Water Front Propagation and Channel Accumulation for Anode Purge Scheduling in Fuel Cells
  • Paper WeB19.5
    Lee, Donghoon (University of Michigan), Jiang, Li (Robert Bosch LLC), Stefanopoulou, Anna G. (University Of Michigan), Yilmaz, Hakan (Bosch), Air Charge Control for Turbocharged Spark Ignition Engines with Internal Exhaust Gas Recirculation
  • Paper FrB10.1
    Li, Chiao-Ting (University of Michigan), Peng, Huei (University of Michigan), Optimal Configuration Design for Hydraulic Split Hybrid Vehicles
  • Paper FrC19.3
    Seenumani, Gayathri (University of Michigan), Sun, Jing (University of Michigan), Peng, Huei (University of Michigan), A Reference Governor Approach for Dynamic Reconfiguration of Hybrid Power Systems
  • Paper WeA12.1
    Oh, So-ryeok (University of Michigan), Sun, Jing (University of Michigan), Optimization and Load-Following Characteristics of 5kW-Class Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cell/Gas Turbine Hybrid Systems
  • Paper WeB05.2
    Xie, Yanhui (University of Michigan), Ghaemi, Reza (University of Michigan), Sun, Jing (University of Michigan), Freudenberg, James S. (University of Michigan), Comparative Evaluation of Linear and Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for a Isolated High Power DC/DC Converter
  • Paper WeB19.4
    Lu, Zhao (Tuskegee University), Sun, Jing (University of Michigan), Butts, Kenneth R. (Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing North America, Toyota), Application of Linear Programming SVM-ARMA2K for Dynamic Engine Modeling
  • Paper WeA18.1
    Peters, Diane (University of Michigan), Papalambros, Panos Y. (University of Michigan), Ulsoy, A. Galip (University of Michigan), Relationship between Coupling and the Controllability Grammian in Co-Design Problems
  • Paper WeB12.2
    Finn, Joshua (Clemson University), Ewing, David (Clemson University), Ma, Lin (Clemson University), Wagner, John R. (Clemson University), Thermal Protection of Vehicle Payloads Using Phase Change Materials and Liquid Cooling

Additionally, ARC faculty also chaired the below sessions:

  • Prof. Anna Stefanopoulou (U-M) for tutorial session PHEV and HEV Estimation and Control (FrA10)
  • Prof. Huei Peng (U-M) chaired and Dr. Hosam Fathy (U-M) co-chaired Hybrid Electric Vehicles (FrB10)
  • Prof. John Wagner (Clemson U.) for the Energy Systems II (WeC12) session
  • Prof. Nabil Chalhoub (Wayne State U.) for Marine Systems I (FrA15)