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Technical Session Matrix

  Each technical talk will last 30 minutes, with a 25 minute presentation followed by 5 minutes of questions and answers. We will start and end on time so that the parallel sessions are synchronized. The session lead may open the session with brief remarks about the theme. Presentations will start promptly, managed by the session lead.

'A' session venue is Boeing Auditorium. 'B' session venue is 1xxx FXB.

May 16 1A: Autonomy
Session Leads: TBA
1B: Fuels & Engines
Session Leads: TBA
  PI: Dr. Jeff Stein
Advanced Hazard Avoidance in Autonomous Ground Vehicles
PI: Dr. Angela Violi
Combustion Chemistry of Jet Fuels: From Atomistic Simulations to Mechanism Development
  PI: Dr. Tulga Ersal
Latency and Human Performance Operating Unmanned Ground Vehicles
PI: Dr. André Boehman
Bulk Modulus of Compressibility Measurements of Conventional and Alternative Military Fuels
  PI: Dr. Yue Wang
Optimal Control, Pairing, and Scheduling for Manned-Unmanned Vehicles Teaming based on RoboTrust Algorithms
PI: Dr. Andre Boehman
Ignition Studies for Kinetic Mechanism Development and Validation
  PI: Dr. Brent Gillespie
Quantifying the Benefits of Haptic Shared Control for Remotely Controlled and Semi-Automated Ground Vehicles
PI: Dr. Marcis Jansons
Boundary Conditions for Predictive Combustion Simulation
  PI: Drs. Dawn Tilbury & Lionel Robert
Modeling bi-directional trust in semi-autonomy for improved system performance
PI: Dr. Marcis Jansons
Thermal Barrier Coatings for Reduction of Cooling Loads in Military Vehicles

May 17 2A: Structures, Reliability, Safety
Session Leads: TBA
2B: Electrification, Thermal Management
Session Leads: TBA
  PI: Drs. Zissimos Mourelatos & Vijit Pandey
Modeling and Simulation of Repairable Systems for Depot Maintenance and Warranty Forecasting using an Effective Age Approach
PI: Dr. Heath Hofmann
Computationally-efficient 3D Models for Electric Machines
  PI: Dr. Bogdan Epureanu
Stochastic Optimization and Analysis of Dynamic Modular Vehicle Fleet Systems
PI: Dr. John Wagner
Heat Rejection Using Advanced Materials ‐ Passive and Active Cooling Strategies
  PI: Dr. Georges Fadel
Systems Approach to Wheel and Pad Metamaterial Design including Robustness Issues
PI: Dr. Simona Onori
Tools for Optimal Selection of Energy Storage Technology in Electrified Military Vehicles
  PI: Drs. Bogdan Epureanu & Heath Hofmann
Novel Hybrid Electric Powertrains Enabled by Models of Electro-Magnetic-Structural Dynamics
PI: Dr. Anna Stefanopoulou
Battery Diagnostics from Electrode Particle Strain and Cell Swelling
  PI: Drs. Nick Vlahopoulos & Pingsha Dong
Fatigue Resistance Optimization of Armored Vehicle Structures Using Weld Master S-N Curve
PI: Dr. Jason Siegel
AVPTA Optimization of Scalable Military Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicles