Technical Session Matrix

  Each technical talk will last 30 minutes, with a 25 minute presentation followed by 5 minutes of questions and answers. We will start and end on time so that the parallel sessions are synchronized. The session lead may open the session with brief remarks about the theme. Presentations will start promptly, managed by the session lead.

'A' session venue is Chesebrough Auditorium. 'B' session venue is 165 Chrysler Center.

May 9 1A: Autonomy
Session Leads: Dr. Paramsothy Jayakumar, Dr. Matt Castanier
1B: Fuels & Engines
Session Leads: Dr. Peter Schihl, Mr. Eric Gingrich
- 1:40
PI: Dr. Ardalan Vahidi
Improving Energy Efficiency and Mobility of Off-Road Connected Fleets via Route Preview and Cooperative Control (abstract)
PI: Dr. André Boehman
Bulk Modulus of Compressibility Measurements of Conventional and Alternative Military Fuels (abstract)
- 2:10
PI: Dr. Kira Barton
Enhanced Multi-Robot Reconnaissance Through Terrain-Based Energy Prediction (abstract)
PI: Dr. Jason Martz
Simulations for JP-8 Mechanism Optimization and Validation (abstract)
- 2:40
PI: Dr. Dimitra Panagou
SQUAD: Situational Awareness and Sustained Survivability through Man/Unmanned Teaming (abstract)
PI: Dr. Angela Violi
Combustion Chemistry of Jet Fuels: From Atomistic Simulations to Mechanism Development (abstract)
- 3:10
PI: Dr. Hiroyuki Sugiyama
Flexible Multibody Dynamics Approach for Tire Dynamics Simulation (abstract)
PI: Dr. Marcis Jansons
Thermal Barrier Coatings for Reduction of Cooling Loads in Military Vehicles (abstract)

May 10 2A: Electrification, Thermal Management
Session Leads: Mr. Aric Haynes, Mr. Scott Shurin
2B: Structures, Reliability, Safety
Session Leads: Dr. David Lamb, Dr. Ravi Thyagarajan, Mr. Victor Paul
- 10:30
PI: Dr. Anna Stefanopoulou
Optimal Warm-up of Lithium-Ion Battery from Sub-ZeroTemperatures (abstract)
PI: Dr. K. K. Choi
Confidence-based Reliability Assessment Accounting for Both Parameter Uncertainty and Model Bias for Insufficient Input and Output Experimental Data (abstract)
- 11:00
PI: Dr. Jason Siegel
Robotic Range Extender: Power and Energy Management for a Hybrid Powertrain with Quantized Power Sources (abstract)
PI: Dr. Nick Vlahopoulos
Modeling of Materials for the Design of Lightweight and Resilient Vehicle Structures (abstract)
- 11:30
PI: Dr. John Wagner
A Thermal Bus with Passive and Active Cooling Strategies for Vehicle Thermal Management (abstract)
PI: Dr. Zissimos Mourelatos
Reliability Assessment and Warranty Forecasting of Repairable Systems (abstract)
- 12:00
PI: Dr. Heath Hofmann
Computationally-Efficient Heat Convection Model for Electric Machines (abstract)
PI: Dr. Jingwen Hu
Restraint System Optimization for Occupant Protection in Tactical Vehicles: Full Vehicle Crash Tests (abstract)