Day 1 Agenda
Wednesday May 16

(click here or scroll down for Day 2 program) Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Building (FXB)
University of Michigan (North Campus)
1320 Beal Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48109
9:00 Check-in and Continental Breakfast

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Prof. Bogdan Epureanu
Director, Automotive Research Center

Dr. David Gorsich
Chief Scientist, U.S. Army TARDEC



Dr. Chris Gerdes
Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University
Director, Center for Automotive Research at Stanford (CARS)

10:35 Break
10:50 Technical Session 1 (matrix of parallel sessions)
  1A: Algorithms & Intelligence 1B: Electrification & Thermal Management

Group Photo

12:45 Lunch

Case Study 1

Stranded: Avoiding the perils of unknown environments through the synthesis of energy, soil, and adversary localization maps

Faculty: Kira Barton, Dimitra Panagou (University of Michigan)
Ardalan Vahidi (Clemson University)
Lauro Ojeda (University of Michigan)
Student: Michael Quann (University of Michigan)
Government: Denise Rizzo, William Smith (U.S. Army TARDEC)
Industry: Frank Koss, Andrew Dallas (SoarTech)



Case Study 2

I Want It All: Achieving High Fidelity and Optimal Computational Complexity in Physics-Based Off-Road Mobility Simulations

Faculty: Hiroyuki Sugiyama (University of Iowa)
Shravan Veerapaneni (University of Michigan)
Hiroki Yamashita (University of Iowa)
Post-doc.: Eduardo Corona (University of Michigan)
Student: Guanchu Chen (University of Iowa)
Government: Paramsothy Jayakumar, Yeefeng Ruan (U.S. Army TARDEC)
Kenneth Leiter (U.S. Army Research Laboratory)
Industry: Mustafa Alsaleh (Caterpillar Inc.)


3:15 Break
3:30 -

Poster Session (Session layout and poster index)

Researchers will give in-depth exposition of their research by their posters. We expect an exciting exchange of ideas.

5:30 -
Networking - Strolling Dinner
Johnson Rooms, Lurie Engineering Center

Day 2 Agenda
Thursday May 17

9:00 Check-in and Breakfast


How Soon is Now?
Creating the Future of Autonomous High Mobility Ground Systems


Dr. Sean Brennan
Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Penn State University

Dr. Chris Gerdes
Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University

Dr. David Gorsich
Chief Scientist, U.S. Army TARDEC

Dr. Reza Langari
J. R. Thompson Chair and Department Head, Texas A&M University

Ms. Carrie Morton
Deputy Director, Mcity

Dr. Raju Namburu
Chief for Computational Sciences Division, Army Research Laboratory

Prof. Bogdan Epureanu

Director, Automotive Research Center

Technological revolutions in autonomy are fueling the third offset strategy in the U.S. military. This is despite the strong uncertainty in future military operations and needs. Building military systems for deterministic predictions of the future is unaffordable because technological development is highly stochastic. At the same time, evolving adversaries make it unaffordable to “wait and see”. To address these conflicting trends, the ARC vision is to define the future of military autonomous ground systems rather than trying to predict it. Instead of rushing to build assets to accommodate the world as it is now, we aim to define the future and then build highly adaptable systems to address it. What is almost certain is that future military autonomous ground systems will be highly diverse and adaptive so they can respond to the unknown. The panel will discuss challenges and opportunities in realizing this vision and in creating the future of autonomous ground systems. How soon is now?

11:00 Break
11:15 Technical Session 2 (matrix of parallel sessions)
2A: Structures, Systems & Reliability 2B: Fuels & Powertrains

Closing Remarks and Award Presentation

Dr. Alec Gallimore
Robert J. Vlasic Dean of Engineering, University of Michigan

Dr. David Gorsich
Chief Scientist, U.S. Army TARDEC

Prof. Bogdan Epureanu
Director, Automotive Research Center

Poster Awards Committee

1:15 -
Post Review Networking