The ARC’s goal is to perform basic research that answers fundamental questions, but also provides relevant results to both the Army and the industry. To ensure this, each ARC project adopts the Research Quadruplet Unit (Quad) concept; i.e., each project, in addition to a student and/or a research fellow and a faculty principal, includes both a government principal and an industry principal. Through regular Quad meetings it is ensured that the project goals are aligned with the Army and industry needs, the government and industry principals contribute and guide the research findings, create opportunities for technology transfer and leverage the ARC’s solutions. Indeed, this continuous interaction also paves the way for successful and sustained technology transfer, and provides ARC students with invaluable interaction with government and industry researchers.

Research Quad

The center's organization and structure is therefore designed for effective and sustained technology transfer to TARDEC and industry. Technology transfer is accomplished in the following ways:

  • Recruitment of our graduates by government and industry employers.
  • Deployment of modeling and simulation tools developed in the center.
  • Large-scale case studies in the center focused on solving relevant technological challenges.
  • Linking research projects with commercial automotive activities and government procurement processes.