The Automotive Research Center (ARC) creates a collaborative environment for researchers from Universities, U.S. Army TARDEC and Industry. The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor serves as the lead institution for a group of academic institutions participating in the Center.

The Center research is organized in five thrust areas, and operations are managed by the executive team comprising:

ARC Director
Prof. Bogdan Epureanu
Mechanical Engineering
The University of Michigan
Bogdan Epureanu David Gorsich Government Leader
Dr. David Gorsich
Chief Scientist
ARC Associate Director
Prof. Andre Boehman
Mechanical Engineering
The University of Michigan
Andre Boehman Peter Schihl Government Technical Point of Contact
Dr. Peter Schihl, P.E.
Senior Technical Expert

The ARC executive team (click through photos for biographies) receives input critical for long term decisions from the External Review Board that consists of distinguished researchers from academia, government, and industry not affiliated with the ARC. In particular, the peer review conducted by the External Board members is critical for research planning and project continuation or initiation. Thrust area university and TARDEC leaders ensure regular communication and coordination on a regular basis. The overall ARC organizational structure is shown below.

Organizational Structure Dynamics and Control of Vehicles Human Centered Modeling and Simulation High Performance Structures and Materials Advanced and Hybrid Powertrains Vehicle System Integration, Optimization, and Robustness

Previous ARC Leaders

ARC Founding Director
Prof. Panos Papalambros
Panos Papalambros Walter Bryzik Government Leader
Dr. Walter Bryzik
ARC Director
Prof. Dennis Assanis
Dennis Assanis Zoran Filipi ARC Assistant Director (2002-2009)
ARC Deputy Director (2009-2011)
Prof. Zoran Filipi
ARC Director
Prof. Anna Stefanopoulou
Anna Stefanopoulou Dawn Tilbury ARC Deputy Director
Prof. Dawn Tilbury