Part of the Automotive Research Center's mission is to train the future workforce that has a comprehensive understanding of the technical tools developed at the ARC and the ability to further develop and apply those tools to multi-disciplinary problems that are relevant to both the Army and industry. We create research opportunities for Ph.D. and M.S. students at participating universities while summer internships at TARDEC and our industry partners enrich student experience. Faculty members are continuously creating new content in disciplines related to automotive engineering, and developing new courses for regular and professional education programs.

Opportunities for government and industry engineers and scientists include participation as research personnel within the center, and chances to enroll in focused masters and doctoral programs. Recent efforts at the participating universities resulted in creation of a number of automotive programs tailored specifically for students with employment experience.

As an example, the University of Michigan is offering a professional Master's in Automotive Engineering degree program that attracts graduate student researchers with industrial experience. The program has also been expanded to include distance learning programs at industrial sites. Each participating university offers either full post-graduate automotive degree programs or areas of study within their degree programs focused on automotive engineering.

Prospective students are encouraged to visit the partner schools' websites to learn more about their academic programs and for enrollment information.